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Most common question during consults with new clients:

"How do I tie everything together between my website, and social media channels?"

The answer is - It can be done.  It is not rocket science.  You need help with that so that you can do what it is that you do best.  Working with a web media specialist is the first step to marketing yourself on the web effectively.  Next up -- lets talk challenges, wishlist, strategy, and plan!  One simple step at a time -- together we will have you tweeting, posting, pinning and connecting!  What does that mean to you?  Exposure, credibility, reputation, and relationships = Making your business work for you! 

Depend on AdScoop, Inc. as a resource for anything and everything that will make your business run faster and stronger - specializing in:

* Marketing
* Web presence analysis and strategy planning
* Social Media exposure/maintenance
* Blogging/Writing
* Project Management
* Customer Service
* Product/Service/Event Promotion online
* Web Design/enhancements/makeovers
* Website management
* Email blasts/newsletters

*Video Marketing

Create and Simplify Administrative Processes If you already have in-house staff, we can also work with them to share the workload. We can recommend online tools and services that can help make the job easier for everyone. As a VIRTUAL MARKETING CONSULTANT I can handle many tasks personally, but we also have team members and associates with specialized skills that can be there when you need them.

Manage Your Projects We have the experience and people skills to work with the different individuals and companies involved with a project, and keep things on time and on track.

A Creative Sounding Board Sometimes you just need a friendly ear to sound out, brainstorm and bounce around new ideas. We can help you develop/organize your thoughts and do the research required to take action. Above, are just a snapshot of ideas and solutions to get your wheels turning.  We understand that everyone is unique and taking the time to get to know more about you is what we are best known for.

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